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Siegrid Löwel

The BFNT-Chair System Neuroscience is headed by Siegrid Löwel. Her lab is focussed on understanding the development and plasticity of neuronal circuits in the healthy and diseased mammalian brain. They use a combination of techniques, including optical imaging, behavioural analyses, electrophysiology, neurostimulation, optogenetics, anatomy and modelling to explore how experience and learning influence the structure and function of nerve cell networks and how activity patterns and genetic factors influence these processes. We hope that answering these key questions not only helps to understand the rules underlying brain development, functioning and learning but additionally will open up new avenues to develop clinically relevant concepts to promote regeneration and rehabilitation for diseased and injured brains. The improvement and therapeutic use of neurostimulation techniques in the clinic (like deep brain stimulation and sensory prosthesis) is dependent on such analyses of neuronal plasticity mechanisms in valid mammalian model systems.


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