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Reichl, L, Heide, D, Löwel, S, Crowley, JC, Kaschube, M, and Wolf, F (2012).
Coordinated Optimization of Visual Cortical Maps (I) Symmetry-based Analysis.
PLoS Comput Biol. 8(11):1-24.

Reichl, L, Heide, D, Löwel, S, Crowley, JC, Kaschube, M, and Wolf, F (2012).
Coordinated Optimization of Visual Cortical Maps (II) Numerical Studies
PLoS Comput Biol. 8(11):1-26.

Saher, G, Rudolphi, F, Corthals, K, Ruhwedel, T, Schmidt, KF, Löwel, S, Dibay, P, Möbius, W, and Nave, KA (2012).
Therapy of Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease in mice by feeding a cholesterol-enriched diet
Nat Med. 18(7):1130-1135.

Schrobsdorff, H, Ihrke, M, Behrendt, J, Hasselhorn, M, and Herrmann, JM (2012).
Inhibition in the dynamics of selective attention: an integrative model for negative priming
Frontiers in Psychology 3(Article 491):1-21.

Sonntag, S, Dedek, K, Dorgau, B, Schultz, K, Schmidt, KF, Cimiotti, K, Weiler, R, Löwel, S, Willecke, K, and Janssen-Bienhold, U (2012).
Ablation of retinal horizontal cells from adult mice leads to rod degeneration and remodeling in the outer retina
J Neurosci. 32(31):10713-24.

tom Dieck, S, Specht, D, Strenzke, N, Hida, Y, Krishnamoorthy, V, Schmidt, K, Inoue, E, Ishizaki, H, Tanaka-Okamoto, M, Miyoshi, J, Hagiwara, A, Brandstätter, HH, Löwel, S, Gollisch, T, Ohtsuka, T, and Moser, T (2012).
Deletion of the Presynaptic Scaffold CAST Reduces Active Zone Size in Rod Photoreceptors and Impairs Visual Processing
The Journal of Neuroscience 32(35):12192-12203.

Yeritsyan, N, Lehmann, K, Puk, O, Graw, J, and Löwel, S (2012).
Visual capabilities and cortical maps in BALB/c mice
EJN European Journal of Neuroscience 36:2801-2811.

Auer, T, and Frahm, J (2011).
Confounding factors in neurofeedback training based on fMRI of motor imagery
Neuroscience Letters 500S:e32.

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An iterative two-threshold analysis for single-subject functional MRI of the human brain
Eur Radiol 21:2369-2387.

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Data processing for image-based chemical sensors: unsupervised region of interest selection and background noise compensation
Anal. Bioanal. Chem. 402(2):823-832.

Eifler, J, Martinelli, E, Santonico, M, Capuano, R, Schild, D, and Di Natale, C (2011).
Differential detection of potentially hazardous Fusarium species in wheat grains by an electronic nose
PLoS ONE 6(6):e21026.

Klaes, C, Westendorff, S, Chakrabarti, S, and Gail, A (2011).
Choosing Goals, not Rules: Deciding among Rule-Based Action Plans
Neuron 70:536-548.

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Accurate position and velocity control for trajectories based on dynamic movement primitives
IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA):5006-5011 doi:10.1109/ICRA.2011.5979668.

Kulvicius, T, KeJun, N, Tamosiunaite, M, and Wörgötter, F (2011).
Modified dynamic movement primitives for joining movement sequences
IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA):2275-2280 doi:10.1109/ICRA.2011.5979716.

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Influence of the training set on the accuracy of surface EMG classification in dynamic contractions for the control of multifunction prostheses
J. NeuroEng. & Rehab 8(25):1-9.

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Decorrelation of cortical inputs and motoneuron output
J Neurophysiol. 106:2688-97.

No authors specified (2011).
Choosing goals, not rules: Deciding among rule-based action plans
Neuron 70:536-548.

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What is ‚anti‘ about anti-reaches? - How reference frames affect reach reaction times
Experimental Brain Research 208:287-296.

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A missense mutation in a highly conserved alternate exon of Dynamin-1 causes epilepsy in fitful mice
PLoS Genet 6(8):e1001046 page 1-14.

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Bassoon and the synaptic ribbon organize Ca2+ channels and vesicles to add release sites and promote refilling
Neuron 68:724-738.

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Simply longer is not better: reversal of theta burst after-effect with prolonged stimulation
Exp Brain Res 204:181-187 doi: 10.1007/s00221-010-2293-4.

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Compositionality of arm movements can be realized by propagating synchrony
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Homeokinetic Proportional Control of Myoelectric Prostheses
IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2010) October 18-22, 2010.

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Homeokinetic Prosthetic Control: Collaborative Selection of Myosignal Features
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