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Main directions of research

The BFNT Göttingen will investigate and design complete Neuro-Bionic Closed-Loop Systems, neuro-sensing and neuro-stimulation strategies. A strong framework will be established in which three areas are integrated and which supports the active collaboration of the involved industrial and academic partners:

Section 1

Neuro-Stimulation Technology
with it the output of the control device will be interfaced to the effector be it neural tissue, a behaving subject, or a prothesis.

Section 2

Advanced Neuro-Sensing Technology
of the center involves investigation of neural cellular and network signaling up to the systems level even including behavioral components in humans. The goal of this branch is signal extraction, analysis and the generation of input signals, which are compatible with the controlled devices.

Section 3

Adaptive Neuronal Control Technology
concerns the design of devices, which can interface with these input signals and which can process them by neural means (e.g. implementing multi-layer control and adaptivity).

BFNT-Chair System Neuroscience

The BFNT-Chair System Neuroscience is focussed on understanding the development and plasticity of neuronal circuits in the healthy and diseased mammalian brain.

BFNT-Chair Neuroinformatics

The BFNT-Chair Neuroinformatics is focussed on understanding the control of human movements, with important implications in neurorehabilitation technologies, such as man-machine interfaces.